Saturday, April 17, 2010

the no -show has returned!

quite an ambiguous topic, really. but the real meaning is that i have come back after a long break i took from blogging. just came back from delhi to my home town a few days back. took a little time trying to adjust to the surroundings again.

yesterday as i was surfing the net i found an interesting picture. here it is.

manipur. such a small state and yet it has a barbie to its name! i was simply awe-struck. barbie herself looks charming... and with all that traditional costume on her she looks something out of this world. too good, i say.

i have been munching on snacks and only snacks. haven't had a proper meal since coming here. my favs? donuts, potato chips, noodles... all with high-calorie content. hehe... wonder how i'll look like after a few months if i continue eating like this. but the best part is that i hardly become fat. i have my dad's genes. the thin gene. lol. so i can gobble anything i want and not get fat. of course i should not take this for granted... i dont wanna wake up one morning and find myself unable to get up from the bed. look at the mirror and see a triple-chin. so CONTROL.. control is the word.

my back's paining so m gonna stop right here. return next time!!

example of a lost person writing a blog

it's 2.06 am. i'm starting to write this blog now. so many thoughts running across my mind- phone. home. entrance exam. mom. dad (who is alone at home). mosquitoes. water shortage. everyone's sleeping. not peacefully though. its so hot. our maid is groaning because of the heat. complaining she cant sleep. we all cant. sigh~
lights are switched off. fan is running at full speed. cooler too. ac too. seems like today's maximum temperature was 44degree celcius. wow. n that too in april. what will happen in may-june?? i just dread thinking about that. random stuffs are coming to my mind. why do mosquitoes exist? good-for-nothin' parasite blood suckers. they get pleasure from giving me itchiness (and frustration). they wont go to heaven. never. ever.

"amazing grace, how sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me. i once was lost but now am found. was blind but now i see" i love this hymn. its my favorite, in fact. even this song is good: "blessed assurance". gave me immense peace during devotions when i was in MCS. peace. its a nice feeling. hehe.. -_-

have been scratching myself the whole time because these damn mosquitoes love me so much they wont leave me alone. what an element of disturbance. it's 2.38am. my head hurts. my eyes water, my arm itches. and the security guard blows his whistle. going for this duty, making rounds of the colony. wonder if he doesnt get scared. or if he ever experiences weird stuffs. better leave that to my imagination.... oh! and the maid groans again<***haha***>

i have this obsessive desire for anything animal-printed. but i never got the chance to buy 'em. they always succeed in catching my attention more than anything else. go leopard!! hehe. i have a looooong wish list. have been making them since i was in school. never got any till now. this is only a small tiny inie-winie fraction of my misery.

i know whatever i wrote here is all jumbled up. not organized. well thats how i am right now. so lost. confused. only thing i know- i'm hungry. but its too late. and i'm too lazy to grab something to eat. so let my stomach growl. growl away to glory. i wont die anyway. let it be.. let it be..

n tomorrow i shall wake up at 1pm at the latest. and do what?? make models? gahh... i have tah!! but it'll be so boring.. but then its for my own good...

and with this conflict i close my 2nd blog.

this is funny.


psst... its 2.56 am.

mood.swinger <3

Friday, April 16, 2010

my first day

hmm... dis is my first post on my first blog... FIRST! wanna thnk my dear sister (whom i fondly call chini) for introducing me to this kinda thing ,to umm.. vent my anger.., haha// Thenkuuuuu chini sugar.. hehehe...

morning was fairly good today. but 'twas HOT. i like summer better than winter so, no complaints. went for my coaching class in an auto. gave 60 bucks for a ride to gole market. m getting good in bargaining haha.. an achievement! lol. i entered, made some stuffs, made a lot of new friends.. (another achievement..!) came out all messy with thermocole stuck everywhere, this is when i started to get irritated (maybe coz i didnt make a good model.. i dont know..). mom and sneha were waiting for me. so i came out with 'em with the longing to reach back home as fast as possible. my desire went down the drain. these delhi autowallahs are stuck up peices of meat. the saying "customer is the king" doesnt effect them. hmph! so we had to wait for ,like, half-an-hour for an auto. dat too wit d driver's kid in front. ok i didnt have any problems with that. so moving on...

that sala demanded 70bucks. paid him off as i wanted to reach home so badly. well well. wadya know, we got stuck in,not one, but 2 traffic jams. hoo boy.. eventually we reached home. i crashed out in front of the lappy (my solace) no other human being out here can understand me. then the real poke-me-at-the-face started. from whom?? my lovely uncle of course. he's got a way with words. makes me wanna fly to him with a scented rose... and poke him in the eye with the thorn. sarky, double sarky that guy. hmm... dat fired me up. volcano started coming out. couldnt control it. and these KIDS!! arrrgghh... i hate kids! so irritating, why do people find 'em cute? i cant understand.. got four of them in this house. running about, playing with my lappy, pulling out my photon+ ,,, etc etc etc.................................................................. the list continues... oh n i fought with my 5 yr old cousin brother too. oh no, he cant win just coz he small, duh.

was on the verge of meltdown when my sis told me about this ingenious way of expressing my... er.. emotion... n yah m really enjoyin this. dunno how long it'll last but i'll try my best to keep up, post blogs regularly... and well, maintain my sanity while m here in this place i call "home" (ugh!)

thanks for reading!
mood swinger <3