Tuesday, June 8, 2010

the story of the coke freak

the coke freak. here goes.

once upon a time when i was a little kid, i saw a boy in my class. with fringe cut. he looked very cute n innocent (well, most kids are) never got a chance to talk to him or make friends with him. he left for another school n we never met since then. period.

after i don't know how many years, we meet again in facebook. almost didn't recognize him if it wasn't for his name. we started chit-chatting and after that we eventually became friends. sending messages on facebook almost everyday was the only way of communicating with each other. there was never a dull moment. his jokes were gut spewing, mind cracking. they made my face numb. exam time: we were talking about our torn boxers and the ordeals that came along with wearing them at public. n i never felt awkward with him or felt bored. words just flowed like a waterfall. had so much to tell him n laugh about. and we also spent a lot of time talking about ,well, the warden n matron of our respective hostels. i described my warden very well.. haha. and i bet he could picture her very well. 3-4 months went away like that. messaging each other constantly on facebook only. we got closer as friends. sharing our everyday life, gossiping, complaining,......

school finally ended. we came back home. and that's from where our friendship really grew. texting each other night and day as if we had nothing better to do. and thats when i realized our shared passion for dreaming. does it sound weird..? i mean we dreamt on and on, dreaming in text. talking about our fantasies, the beach, the bullet ride, my trip to japan alone, playing music, movie marathons, our love for soft, big long couch.... we never stop talking about it. and i could see how different we were yet so connected, mentally.

ze beach ;)

he is that kinda guy who eats dal and still manages to smile. the optimistic one. the perky "hahaha, gagaga" guy. acting drunk on text doesn't suit him. getting grumpy doesn't either. he should smile until i see a 33rd tooth growing. lol. he says "m not sleepy" but 5 minutes later, "zzzzzzzzz..." so i've stopped asking him if he's sleepy or not. he makes me wanna smack the back of his head. like "thwaack!" hahahahaha.... he's a movie freak, a coke guzzler, a jock, the funny man, my make-me-happy friend, rain obsessed, ulcer-man (this is a new one), the maggiman (and i'm omelette's girl), pinguman, smartypants,...... and the list goes on. he asks me how manynames i'm going to give him. i don't know. however much i like, i think to myself. heehee.

we promised to kick each other's ass if one doesn't keep in touch. i don't wanna get my ass kicked and neither does he. so we stick. like bread and butter. iron and magnet. nail and nail-polish. phone and sim card. we continue to dream in the hope of living it someday. we proclaimed each other as "best friends forever" and i know we will live up to the title.

yo la, hope u had fun reading it ;)

did a lot of thinkin'

hail the "tot tot tot.." \m/

until next time
this is me.
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