Saturday, April 17, 2010

the no -show has returned!

quite an ambiguous topic, really. but the real meaning is that i have come back after a long break i took from blogging. just came back from delhi to my home town a few days back. took a little time trying to adjust to the surroundings again.

yesterday as i was surfing the net i found an interesting picture. here it is.

manipur. such a small state and yet it has a barbie to its name! i was simply awe-struck. barbie herself looks charming... and with all that traditional costume on her she looks something out of this world. too good, i say.

i have been munching on snacks and only snacks. haven't had a proper meal since coming here. my favs? donuts, potato chips, noodles... all with high-calorie content. hehe... wonder how i'll look like after a few months if i continue eating like this. but the best part is that i hardly become fat. i have my dad's genes. the thin gene. lol. so i can gobble anything i want and not get fat. of course i should not take this for granted... i dont wanna wake up one morning and find myself unable to get up from the bed. look at the mirror and see a triple-chin. so CONTROL.. control is the word.

my back's paining so m gonna stop right here. return next time!!

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