Friday, April 16, 2010

my first day

hmm... dis is my first post on my first blog... FIRST! wanna thnk my dear sister (whom i fondly call chini) for introducing me to this kinda thing ,to umm.. vent my anger.., haha// Thenkuuuuu chini sugar.. hehehe...

morning was fairly good today. but 'twas HOT. i like summer better than winter so, no complaints. went for my coaching class in an auto. gave 60 bucks for a ride to gole market. m getting good in bargaining haha.. an achievement! lol. i entered, made some stuffs, made a lot of new friends.. (another achievement..!) came out all messy with thermocole stuck everywhere, this is when i started to get irritated (maybe coz i didnt make a good model.. i dont know..). mom and sneha were waiting for me. so i came out with 'em with the longing to reach back home as fast as possible. my desire went down the drain. these delhi autowallahs are stuck up peices of meat. the saying "customer is the king" doesnt effect them. hmph! so we had to wait for ,like, half-an-hour for an auto. dat too wit d driver's kid in front. ok i didnt have any problems with that. so moving on...

that sala demanded 70bucks. paid him off as i wanted to reach home so badly. well well. wadya know, we got stuck in,not one, but 2 traffic jams. hoo boy.. eventually we reached home. i crashed out in front of the lappy (my solace) no other human being out here can understand me. then the real poke-me-at-the-face started. from whom?? my lovely uncle of course. he's got a way with words. makes me wanna fly to him with a scented rose... and poke him in the eye with the thorn. sarky, double sarky that guy. hmm... dat fired me up. volcano started coming out. couldnt control it. and these KIDS!! arrrgghh... i hate kids! so irritating, why do people find 'em cute? i cant understand.. got four of them in this house. running about, playing with my lappy, pulling out my photon+ ,,, etc etc etc.................................................................. the list continues... oh n i fought with my 5 yr old cousin brother too. oh no, he cant win just coz he small, duh.

was on the verge of meltdown when my sis told me about this ingenious way of expressing my... er.. emotion... n yah m really enjoyin this. dunno how long it'll last but i'll try my best to keep up, post blogs regularly... and well, maintain my sanity while m here in this place i call "home" (ugh!)

thanks for reading!
mood swinger <3


  1. nice one ... i perfectly understand what you are talking about .. ;)

  2. heehee... thnx! write one soon! :P

  3. and hey Rejoice, I love your profile picture...bubbles!!! :)

  4. i kno c's cute. remember wen we were small?? .... i was bubbles..? ;)

  5. yep i do remember!! :) i so wanted to be blossoms

  6. welcome to blogosphere..good post....
    ummm...this might help u